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Abeer Nehme

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Abeer Nehme is one of Lebanon’s most exceptional voices.

She is Musicologist, a researcher, and a conservator musician aiming at the preservation of old ethnic music traditions.

On the Greek Orthodox Level

Abeer has been honored by the late Archbishop of Greece Christodoulos. She was invited as a honor performer for the anniversary of the Greek church institution “Apostoliki Diakonia”.


The All Styles Specialist


Abeer Nehme the exceptional voice from the Orient was born in Tannourin, Lebanon in the year 1980.

Abeer Nehme is not just an exceptional talent; she acquired as well an advanced knowledge in musicology and the theories of both the Arab and Western music. Her great talent, and her scientific knowledge enabled Abeer to become the real specialist of all styles; she professionally performs opera style, western songs, Arab traditional Tarab music, Lebanese traditional and Rahbani music, sacred music from Maronite Syriac, Orthodox Syriac, and Byzantine traditions.





Science: Musicology

Bachelor of Art in Musicology – from the Holy Spirit University - USEK (Year)

Graduated with high distinction.



Diploma in Oriental Singing – USEK (2006)

Diploma with high distinction: Earned and the excellent grade with the congratulations of the examining Jury. She graded 19/20 which is the highest earned grade in the history of the University.


Art: Playing Music

2008     Ongoing studies in the oriental instrument: “Kanoun” (6th course)





Soloist for several years in the two professional Occidental and Oriental choirs of USEK.

Participated as a soloist in many CD recordings in the context of the “Orientalia” collection produced by USEK (traditional oriental music)



Text Box: AWARDS


2000     The award of the Lebanese Diva Wadih Safi.

2007     Honor Award from the Apostiliki Diakonia - Greece





Some of Abeer’s main delivered concerts are the following:



1998 and 2004: Paul VI hall, Basilica of St Peter (At the occasion of the beatification and canonization of Lebanese Maronite Monk  Nehmetallah El Hardini).

2001: Multiple performances in concerts and ceremonies (At the occasion of the canonization of Lebanese Maronite nun Rafqa)



2002: Invited by the Embassy of Germany and the “Young Musicals”, Abeer participated during two weeks in the Master Classes and music workshop in Weikersheim. She was the only Lebanese performer in the event not only as a performer but also as a lecturer in Oriental music.




2002 and 2003: Concerts in Notre Dame de Paris, Avignon, Marseille, St Raphael, Nice

2007: In the context of the International Musical Festival and Conference at Royaumont- Paris, Abeer delivered a concert focusing on improvisation with the known artist Zad Moultaka. Abeer was the main participant as well in a workshop addressing improvisation in tonal and atonal music.

Abeer delivered a concert with musicians from the Orchestra of Strasbourg: She was the only representative of the Arab world with the participation of the most important composers and musicians from around the World, especially Europe and the USA

Abeer delivered as a well Master Class in Oriental Maqam.

Abeer delivered as well a concert representing the  Lebanese traditional music and improvisation.


Great Britain:

2003: A concert in London



2004:          A concert at Place Falgey international Festival- Brussels: Addressing Mouchahat

2004:          A Concert at Evillerses : addressing Syriac and Lebanese music



2002: A concert with other major Tunisian soloists in the context of a joint musical project organized by USEK and the University of Tunisia. The concert was accompanied by the Tunisian National Philarmonic Orchestra.


2003: A concert organized by Masrah Al Madina addressing Lebanese and Arabic Music


2004: A Syriac music concert in the context of studies at the Congress of Tonal Music (with Ecume).



2002 and 2004: 2 solo concerts at the opera of Cairo and Alexandria in the context of the congress of Arab Music.



2005: Two religious concerts in Lagos at the occasion of the presence of the relics of St Charbel.



2003: A solo concert accompanied by the Syrian Philharmonic National Orchestra at the occasion if the opening of the House of Opera. Abeer performed opera music as soprano.

2006: A solo concert accompanied by the Syrian Philharmonic National Orchestra at the Palace of Congress, to underline the Orthodox Syriac musical patrimony and reveal its treasures.The concert was first of its kind in the context of Traditional Music. A CD with the recording of the concert is to be released soon in Europe.

2007: A solo concert accompanied by the Syrian National Orchestra in the context of the 19th Bosra International Festival. An audience of 33,000 person attended the concert.

2008: A solo concert at the Palace of Congress with the Philharmonic National Orchestra, in the context of  the festival of Damascus as a CAPITAL OF CULTURE of the Arab world

2007 and 2006: A solo concert at the Palace of Culture in Lattaquieh in the context of the “Agafi Festival”



2007:          At the occasion of the anniversary of the “Apostoliki Diakonia”, Abeer was invited as a guest of honor to a major concert with the Philharmonic National Orchestra of Greece conducted by Maestro Kalkhanis ELEOTHERIOS at the “Megaro Mousiki” – the palace of music in Athens. Most important Greek stars were participating in the concert as well: Marita PAPARIZO, Chronis ANDRONIDIS,  Yorgos VOUKANOS, …



2008: A fundraising concert aiming to help the students of USEK. Other concerts in Sydney and Melbourne were delivered as well by Abeer addressing the religious chants of the Holly Week.



2008: Due to the war in Irak, the Irakian youth were not allowed to travel and participate in worldwide day of the youth (JMJ (Journee mondiale de la jeunesse)). Hence, Abeer was the only singer who volunteered to go to Irak under all the insecurity conditions and terror. In order to give the Irakian youth their chance to have their own worldwide day of the youth in Irak. Accordingly, Abeer delivered many concerts in Kurdestan, Arbil, Karkook, Ain Kawa, Chaklawa, Aradel,… So she was a messanger of piece in the land of terror.



2008: Abeer delivered 2 concerts in Stockholm and Trolhaten addressing the Syriac and Lebanese musical heritage.



2008: Abeer delivered a fundraising concert in Geneva for the help of children who have cancer in the context of the international Sabrina action.



Many other concerts were delivered by Abeer in Bahrain, Dubai and Kuwait either for cultural or fundraising purposes.




Text Box: Other Artistic Activities




Nov 2007: Abeer interpreted the leading female role in “Andalusia, Jewel of the world”; a play by Elias Rahbani produced by the Royal Family in Qatar and her Highness Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al Missned.


Dec 2006: Abeer participated with Fayrouz, the Lebanese Diva in a play for the Rahbani Brothers within the International Festival of Baalbak.


2009-2010: Abeer is playing the leading role in Elias Rahban’s play “Ila”.




Abeer recorded all the songs of the Al-Bosta movie sound track produced by Dark Side Company and directed by Philippe Araktanji.


Text Box: Releases

2009: Aroma of My prayer

Abeer released one CD titled “Aroma of My Prayer” that represents a panorama of the Sacred Music from the Syriac Orthodox to the Syriac Maronite to the Byzantine to the Armenian traditions till the contemporary religious chants of major composers.


2009: Bel Aks

Abeer is the main singer in the alum of Mr Jean Marie Riachi “Bil Aks” released in 2009.




Text Box: Under preparation


A western music CD in English produced by Darren Michealson (21st Artist Century)